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The story behind Players Choice Portable Pitching Mounds

November 18, 2017 1 Comment

The  story behind Players Choice Portable Pitching Mounds

Youth sports, and particularly baseball are a major part of most american families. Everybody is looking to put in that little bit of extra work to help their child achieve their sports dreams. For a lot of youngsters those dreams include learning to pitch. As a result backyard portable pitching mounds are the type of thing that a lot of do-it-yourself dads and coaches decide to build.  

It seems so simple to build a portable pitching mound, after all its just a carpeted wooden box that slopes downward. These projects can be a lot of fun and a good bonding opportunity for a father and son.  The only downside is that the finished product is usually not very portable and ends up staying in the backyard all of the time where inclement weather takes its toll. Deciding to build one yourself or buy one pre-made is it difficult decision I see conversations like this play out all the time.

I was one of those dads.  I'm an assistant coach on my sons little league team, as well as on his travel team.  I planned to build my son a mound for a couple of years before finally converting those plans into action.  All of that "planning" time gave me the opportunity to think about what our family and my sons teams really needed from a portable pitching mound.  It needed be strong enough to hold up to years of team use, but also light and easy to transport. 

Finally this past January I built a portable pitching mound for my son.  After it was finished I posted pictures online and I was overwhelmed by the responses I received. It has now become a father and son business. In the time since then we have fine tuned the process to the point that we are now able to sell our portable pitching mounds for close to what it cost us to build the first one.

Our unique Tri-fold design makes it easy and convenient to fold it up and head to the ball park.  So whether you are honing your craft in the back yard, holding a team practice, or warming up in pre-game your mound can be easily set-up in a matter of minutes!



Our portable pitching mounds consist of three hinged sections that when folded can be rolled behind you like a suitcase. They are well built and very sturdy. They are easy to fold up and roll around, and are covered in a high quality outdoor carpet that is tucked under the edge of each section to avoid frayed edges.

Shipping charges and the prices for the other sizes are available on our products page. This product has made our baseball seasons easier and more convenient, and hope it can do the same for you!

Brock Maggard

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