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King of the Hill Ground Force Trainer! Free Shipping

We are excited to announce that players choice mounds has partnered with Ground Force Sports to offer the king of the hill ground force trainer as a compliment to our portable pitching mounds.

When ordering your KOTH from Players Choice Mounds enter the promo code: KOTH15 to get $15 off of your order!

The king of the hill can easily adapted to a king of the swing with this add-on

We also have the Queen of the Hill available.  

For more info on these great products check out their website at

The King of the Hill Trainer is a patented device that was designed to train the pitcher on how to “Use the Legs”

Thru “FEEL and a AUDIBLE REWARD” the player will be able to duplicate this pattern REDUCING ARM STRESS and INCREASING VELOCITY!

Through consistent reps, the King of the Hill will aid in accomplishing the following:

  • Improvement of mechanics
  • Gradually increase ground force to transfer
  • Improved upper body’s ability to accelerate and rotate
  • Faster arm speed and higher velocity at the release.
  • Reduced stress on the pitching arm
  • With the immediate audible feedback, it becomes easy for the athlete to acknowledge the feel of using the lower half and producing ground force to drive towards home plate. Once the player has mastered the technique of utilizing their legs and producing leg drive, they can gradually increase the resistance which will challenge them to gradually increase the amount of leg drive used resulting in higher velocity.


king of the hill ground force trainer

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