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10" Tall Adult size portable pitching mound for high school age and above!

Our largest pitching mound is the 10 inch tall X-Large adult size model.  This size is specifically designed for players who need to pitch off of a mound that is 10 inches tall.

We offer this version for sale because the pitching rubber on high school pitching mound is 10 inches higher than home plate, and people request a 10 inch tall mound.  It's a quality product just like all of our other sizes, but when asked I generally recommend the 8" tall intermediate mound, even for older players.   The two sizes are the same length, but the 8 inch tall mound is much lighter and therefore easier to transport. 

If you still are not sure which option is best suited for your needs feel free to contact us and I would be glad to personally discuss the options with you.  

Our unique tri-fold design allows makes it easy and convenient to fold it up and head to the ball park.  So whether you are honing your craft in the back yard, holding a team practice, or warming up in pre-game your mound can be easily set-up in a matter of minutes! Order one today, and you won't be dissappointed.

You don't have to take our word for it either.  Here are some real reviews from actual customers!

Check out our sizing information if you aren't sure which size is right for you. 

 I would also like to mention that if you are ordering a pitching mound for a high school age or older player we do not recommend wearing metal spikes on any of our Mounds.

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 This product ships anywhere in the continental 48 states for $80 giving you a total all in price of $500

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