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Recomended Baseball Training Aids!

One of best baseball training aids that we have found is the SKLZ Hurricane Hitting Station

This isn't even a product that we sell,  but we like the hurricane so much that we created a full review article for it.  You can read the complete review as well as a comparison to other comprable hitting stations on our blog Turn Two Baseball :


You can't make a list of the best baseball training aids without taking about the King of the Hill leg drive trainer.  We also love how easily the KOTH attaches to our players choice portable pitching Mounds.

We all know that power comes from the legs,  but most pitchers don't know how to build ground force and transfer our intro their pitching mechanics. The audible feedback and adjustable tension of this ground force trainer really helps players increase ground force and improve pitching velocity for players of all ages!

When ordering your KOTH from Players Choice Mounds enter the promo code: KOTH25 to get $25 off of your order!

As you can see in the video below, cold therapy can keep young athletes in play longer. Many young pitchers say that they are in pain after a game. Ice is a natural, safe and effective method to treat pain and help the body heal, preventing repetitive stress damage in youth sports.

I have friends who have used this product for years and swear by it. I have also personally toured the facility where these are produced, and I can vouch for the  quality of not only the products but also of the people who make them.

This is a great company that I'm proud to add to our players choice product family.

For more information on arm care as it relates to youth pitchers you can check out our blog post on the subject at Turn Two Baseball


 We also love this Champro 7x 7 L-screen  for safely pitching live arm to our hitters.  We especially love that, out of the box, it can be set up in less than 5 minutes,  with out any tools.  Any baseball coach who has had a ball sent back at his head will recognize the value of a sturdy, light weight, easy to setup L-Screen.



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