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Portable pitching mound Videos

Check out some of our portable pitching mound videos:


Mlb Pitcher Tommy Milone using our 8"tall extra wide mound


 This videos shows the differences between our available pitching mounds.


This video is from John Madden at You Go Pro Baseball

Check out post on portable pitching mounds here

This is a taller 13 year old pitching off of one of our 8" tall intermediate mounds. disregard the speakers as that is a user added feature.

This is a video of my 12 years old son demonstrating the new and improved 6 in tall youth portable pitching mound.


This is a set-up video primarily intended as a resource for people who have recently purchased one of our step straight ultra-light pitching mounds and needs help setting it up.   However it may also be helpful if you are just considering it, because it shows you how to collapse the mound and how to set it back up for use.

This video is about choosing the correct size portable pitching mound for your ballplayer.

This video demonstrates how to open and close the Players Choice portable pitching mound.

 This video shows how to set-up a new Players Choice portable pitching mound when you receive it.

This video demonstates how to attach aside ramp to your portable pitching mound.

This video highlights the benefits of our Players Choice step straight portable pitching mound.

This is my 12 year old son pitching off of a 6" tall youth mound.

This last video is just my son having fun with his favorite hitting tool the hurricane hitting machine The hitting machine is available here

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