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Which size is right for us?

The most common question i get is the difference between our available sizes. I'm going to try to explain that in detail here. Our two most popular versions are the youth and the intermediate so I will start with those.


This video is my son who is 12 demonstrating the 6 inch tall youth Mound.

 The youth mound is 6" tall and is designed for players 12 and under. The intermediate is 8" tall because players often begin pitching from that height at 13. That being said after seeing both versions sometimes people with younger kids chose the larger mound or the other way around. Its really personal preference.

Here is a video of a taller 13 year old pitching off of an 8" tall intermediate mound. 

The intermediate mound is 2 inches taller but maintains the 1" per foot slope, so the incline starts further back giving an extra 16" between the pitching rubber and the end of the ramp.

 When folded the youth mound is 30x26x14 And the intermediate is 32x30x17. When laid out the youth mound it's 30x78x6 and the intermediate is 30x96x8. The youth mound weighs 65 pounds, and the intermediate weighs 100 pounds.

We also offer an ultra light version called the step straight. The step straight has a narrow landing area to ensure that the pitcher is stepping straight towards home plate. The ramp folds and then nests inside of the top box for one handed transport.  It is available in 6" tall or 8" tall versions. 

I designed it for two reasons. First to teach young pitchers to step straight towards the batter, and second to reduce the price and the shopping cost. The step straight is 33x14x10 when nested. It weighs 35 pounds.

Finally we have the adult verson which shares the tri-fold roll-away form factor of the youth and intermediate mounds. 

We offer this version for sale because the pitching rubber on high school pitching mound is 10 inches higher than home plate, and people request a 10 inch tall mound.  It's a quality product just like all of our other sizes, but when asked I generally recommend the 8" tall intermediate mound, even for older players.   The two sizes are the same length, but the 8 inch tall mound is much lighter and therefore easier to transport.  Their is also a substantial savings on shipping cost with the 8 inch tall mound.  If you still are not sure which option is best suited for your needs feel free to contact us and I would be glad to personally discuss the options with you.

The exact dimensions of the 10 inch tall pitching mound is 32x30x23 when folded and 30x96x10 when in use. It weighs 120 pounds.  For comparison the adult mound is 2 inches taller and 30 pounds heavier than the intermediate mound.  I would also like to mention that we do not recommend wearing metal spikes on any of our pitching Mounds.

I hope that was easy to follow. Let me know if you have any other questions.




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