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8" Tall Step Straight Portable Pitching Mound!

The step straight Mound is the lightest, most portable pitching mound on the market.  While it is light enough to carry in one, it can also be ordered with wheels by clicking the check box above. 

While building, using, and selling portable pitching mounds I noticed two problems that had one simple solution!

The first problem is that many young pitchers don't step in a straight line towards home plate. They often "land open" which causes all kinds of other problems in their delivery.  

The second problem is that pitching mounds are large and expensive to ship.

To solve these issues I built a pitching mound that has a narrow landing area that folds up into a small box that can be easily carried with one hand!

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The Intermediate Step Straight pitchers mound offers the same great quality as our youth model.  It easy and convenient to fold it up and head to the ball park.  So whether you are honing your craft in the back yard, holding a team practice, or warming up in pre-game your mound can be easily setup in a matter of minutes.
All of our mounds are covered in a high quality outdoor carpet that is rolled over the ends to prevent frayed edges. All of the joints are fastened with Pocket hole construction to prevent splitting,  We use the industry standard 1" per foot slope. You won't find  a better quality pitching mound in this price range!

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